What does 'Indigenous' mean?

What does 'Indigenous' mean? How to explain the word to your little one.

🌟 Happy International Day of the World's Indigenous People! 🌟

Today is a special day where we celebrate the rich cultures of Indigenous People from all around the world.

But how do you explain the word "Indigenous" to your little explorer? 🤷🏻‍♀️

If your child is anything like my 4 year old, the whys, whats and hows are never ending and this can be a tricky one to answer, so I put together this handy guide to help you explain it your little one.

1. People who belong to a place

Being indigenous is like being part of a very special group of people who have been living in a place for a long, long time - even before your Mummy, Daddy and grandparents were born!

They are like the original superheroes of these places, and their stories are full of magic, wisdom and adventure!

2. Caring for Mother Nature

Indigenous people have a special bond with our beautiful planet Earth, just like how you love picnics in the park or planting flowers in the garden.

They take good care of the land, the trees, the rivers and all the animals, and they know all the coolest spots to explore and hide - just like you know the best hiding spots in your house!

3. Special traditions

Remember when you learned how to make yummy cookies with Grandma's secret recipe? Or had a special dinner on your Birthday?

Indigenous people have their own secret family recipes and special ways of doing things too! We can learn about their songs, dances and stories, like the way your friends learn about your favourite hobbies and games.

4. One big global family

Our world is one big family, where everyone is different and special in their own way. Indigenous people are part of this big family, and we can celebrate them by showing love and respect for all the cool things they do!

Keep nurturing that curiosity in your little one's heart, and embrace all the diversity that makes our world so colourful and awesome 🚀🌈

Let me know if you found this helpful! ❤️

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